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6 Nov, 2021

3 Gift Ideas Even You Can Create Yourself!

While for some shop windows filled with festive decorations, Christmas trees and artificial snow in early November is just TOO early, some people like myself are biting their nails in anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year and yet again are planning on preparing the presents ON time.

If someone is rolling their eyes, they are just jealous, dear, put your mind at ease.
I have had these years when I know exactly what to get every one of my kids, grandkids and friends, I’m prepared much ahead of time and feeling super excited for them to open my thoughtful ideas wrapped in the most aesthetic way possible.
Yet there have been times of complete brain fog and what seems to be a pre-festivity misery when it comes to presents. 
This year, however, I feel the kind of inspiration that edges me to think of something I could do myself!
With so much time spent at home and the uncertainty the outer world provides, it’s only reasonable, we gravitate towards making something special at home.
Even the thought of it makes me so happy, thinking that I will put my own effort into making something, keeping in mind the receiver, his personality, values, likes and dislikes. It’s the greatest of all gifts, in my opinion. And as I am fortunate enough to be able to do so and finally have the time for it – it’s a win-win!
So in order to get everything prepared just on time before Christmas, especially if some of your presents are destined to travel by post, we have to get moving, ladies!

1. Scrub away the lockdown.

For my friends and older ladies of the family, I have decided to make my own body and lip scrubs! It started as a way of treating myself at home as all the SPA centres were forced to close down and I, on the other hand, was forced to get creative.
I have now incorporated it into my weekly beauty routine and have found great love and appreciation for the process of making these!
Here is a recipe for a body scrub I made this morning and will surely use before bedtime as it is the end of the week and it helps relieve tired muscles whilst making my skin feel sooooo soft!

The thing I love about these body/lip scrubs is that you can totally make them suitable for your own needs and preference of texture, colour and smell.
I call this one my “Green Clay Ocean Scrub” and it is one of the most “difficult” ones I have made, I usually stick to quick recipes of 3 to 5 easy ingredients I always have at home. Also putting them in glass jars, sticking on a little label and displaying in my bathroom makes me feel like I really invest time in myself and works as my little meditation. Would you like me to write a post with all of my simple and quick scrub recipes? + my wallet has been very appreciative of this new hobby.
In case you are not a keen DIY’er – Rituals and Kiehl’s make wonderful body scrubs your skin will thank you for! And there are also hundreds of others to match your preferred purpose as well as cost range.

2. Bring the sewing back!

Really! This might be crossing someone’s maximum effort level’s line, but imagine doing something that takes more time and energy. Imagine the feeling when you have made something with your own hands! Something you could have easily bought on Amazon…
I decided to create make-up bags for my dear ladies in the family and even been thinking of making one for my brother-in-law. Well, I’m taking one step at a time as I’m not even close to a handylady at times.

There are many videos on Youtube, but I have found that step-by-step instructions with photos on Pinterest work best for me. I don’t have to stop the video every 5 seconds to catch-up and don’t have the feeling of someone rushing me or being MUCH better just in front of my eyes, haha.
I took out my leftover fabric box and found one with the most beautiful floral print. There were some quilted leftovers that I decided to use as the inner lining. Bought matching zippers and I was good to go!
It took me a while to cut out the fabric and sew everything together, but let me tell you – the whole process and seeing the end result left me feeling so incredibly proud of myself that I can’t even put it into words.
I wish you would try it, really! And the most wonderful thing about gifting it to your girlfriends is that it’s absolutely one of a kind. Not to mention that you can customize it for the whole 100% and fill with great products upon gifting! What a package, right?

3. The heart wants crumble pie!

Gifting something you have made in the kitchen is another great alternative to all the sewing and scrubbing!
Apple crumble pie will be my pick this year! But it can be whatever you prefer – cookies, cakes, granola bars, recipe in a jar or a lasagna. The possibilities are endless, make your creative juices flow! I would dearly appreciate you sharing your favourite recipe with me!
All in all, when thinking of DIY presents - consider your strengths and passions – I bet there is something you can make yourself! Maybe you like music and can record a CD of your all time favourites or perhaps you are great at gardening and can gift a pot with a planted seed for your loved one to care for and grow. It can be whatever! The only thing that matters is that you made it yourself and thought of the other person while making it. In times when everything you want can be at your doorstep in literally 20 minutes’ time, it’s truly special.
I hope you DIY at least one of your presents this year!
Ho ho ho (perhaps too quick for this one as well, but who cares),