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12 Apr, 2021

7 Eyebrow Mistakes
Women Beyond 50 Make

Eyebrows just like eyelashes are one of the most significant and noticeable features of our faces. They wick away sweat and dirt, deflect rain and force drops to run down the side of our face to protect our eyes.

They shape our countenance and are critical for nonverbal communication as along with the lips, are the most expressive part of our faces.

They carry such crazy importance if you think about it! That’s exactly the reason why this time we’re going to focus on actions you might want to avoid and in contrast – some that could make you look the best for your age!

To start with, eyebrows are absolutely crucial for facial recognition! Researchers at MIT found that faces without eyebrows are like land without landmarks – it’s nearly impossible to recognize them!

In their study, respondents were asked to identify photos of celebrities without their eyebrows. To their surprise, only 46% of the faces were recognized!

Not filling in your brows or having them too light

Now that brings us to our commonly made mistake number one – brows that are not filled in or the ones that are too light in colour.

Of course, some ladies may be lucky and not get natural fallout, sparser and thinner brows as they age, although it is completely natural for our brows to thin and lose pigment as the years go by.

For this case it can be helpful to invest in an eyebrow pencil or brow gel of your choice. A brow powder isn’t the best choice as it won’t adhere to sparse brows.

Using the wrong eyebrow products

Actually, using the wrong eyebrow care products is the most common mistake ladies of all age and brow shape make.

For our ladies with brows on the thinner side, a brow pencil would be the most beneficial as it gives the power to navigate strokes easily and creates a brow no one will think you have given yourself this morning!

If your brows are fuller, with a little more definition will surely help a good eyebrow gel, tinted or clear. These are the most simple and sure-fire methods for making your eyebrows present.

Thick, black and heavy brows

On the other side of the spectrum lies a thick, black, heavy brow. If that’s what’s perfect for your liking and compliments your face as well as personality – keep doing what works for you!

However, for the most part of mature ladies, this is not the case.

On average ladies have about 250 hairs per eyebrow and they vary in length, thickness as well as direction of growth, yet there becomes less of them as we reach a certain age.

Can you imagine completely filled in eyebrows with colour that’s noticeably too dark? It will most likely appear unnatural, harsh and in fact unflattering.

Try matching the colour of your brows or going a bit lighter in case you are of a darker complexion and opt for a bit darker tone if your hair is light or grey.

At the end, it still all comes down to your own preference!   

Shaping eyebrows wrong

 Now that the colour is right, what to do? A mistake number four is having your shape all wrong.

To determine where your brows should start and end is the first and a very important step towards the perfect brows that compliment your face.

Take an eyebrow pencil or really anything of that shape and put it along the outer edge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye – where the pencil meets your brow area is where your brow should ideally start.

Brows too close or wide apart

Of course, don’t blindly follow this and make your brows too close or wide apart – that’s another very common mistake ladies are guilty of.

In order to find out how far down to bring your eyebrow product, you will need to put the pencil along the outer edge of your nose and along the outer corner of your eye – where the pencil crosses the brow is where the brow should end.

Bringing the eyebrow pencil lower than the newly found point may create a droopy look and that’s the opposite of what we want!

Over-plucking brows or growing them too long

Despite having a God-given drawing talent, we could also benefit from avoiding mistake number six!

Over-plucking your brows or leaving them to bush!

To have a neat and sophisticated look you may want to pluck just a little!

Brush your brow hair into its natural shape with a tiny brow brush and then pluck any hair that falls beyond the brow lines.

Be careful as you can damage the very important curve of your eyebrow or result in not having any eyebrow hair left.

The shape of your brows can also say a lot about you! According to “Amazing Face Reading” by Marc Fuller, straight eyebrows might mean that you are more fact-oriented and direct. Curved eyebrows, on the other hand, may be a sign of you being more people-oriented. 

Skipping the brow bone highlighter

Jokes aside, mistake number seven is leaving out the brow bone highlighter!

If you are using it already, you will consider this mistake a total sin, right?

We strongly believe in cream or powder highlighter underneath your eyebrow and would like to say it’s total science!

Just a tiny dab of your favourite product can do wonders for your overall look! Eyebrows appear more lifted, defined, your face comes across more bright and joyful and it adds the perfect amount of glow!

A little goes a long way and you can also add some in the inner corner of your eye (be careful if you have highly sensitive eyes) and on the tip of your nose or cupid’s bow!

These mistakes can make or break your eyebrows! It could be that some of the mistakes mentioned above are your signature way of doing your brows and in that case, it’s surely not a mistake.

Nonetheless, a lot of mature women are familiar with these and by doing so are disconnecting themselves from their full brow potential and their best possible appearance!

Try using our tips and see if you like them!

Another thing worth mentioning is that you should be proactive towards addressing the signs of aging, thinning eyebrows caused by the chemical and environmental stressors.

Avoiding these mistakes mentioned earlier can do wonders for your overall eyebrow health. Additionally if you proactively work towards healthier-looking brows by applying an eyebrow conditioner or serum you are not only preventing the damage, but guaranteed to gain beautiful, luxurious brows.

We have researched and worked very hard to find answers to your questions and concerns regarding beauty hair.

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Let’s put those thin and sparse brows behind and welcome the ones that just pull our whole appearance together to make us look even more beautiful!

Facing and embracing the changes as we age.