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15 Mar, 2021

Why use eyelash serum
and how does it work?

Nowadays it is more important than it has ever been to take care of one’s health and do it consistently, especially when at a mature age. Although eyelashes seem to be the smallest grain of our overall health, they actually play a highly significant role. As years go by, we become more prone to hormonal imbalances and other health complications that can have a negative effect on the growth as well as overall state of our lashes.

It becomes more and more complicated for our body to enrich itself with needed nutrients and ensure everything stays in balance. The provision of vital vitamins slows down and our mature eyelashes become thinner, shorter, less pigmented and much, much weaker.

Thinning eyelashes are in need of our help! It is essential we succour our mature and, oh so fragile, eyelashes and do it with kindness.

As we are so connected to nature, we believe the best way to do it, is using products with natural ingredients. And this is where the natural eyelash serum comes in!

Our LashCare+ Serum is the perfect stepping stone your lashes wish to get! 100% natural ingredients and growth vitamins kindly approach the structure of your lashes to strengthen, thicken, boost volume and most importantly - help you love yourself even more!

It may be the product of your dreams, but at Rumi Cosmetiques we don’t tend to rush and highly support well-considered and thought-through decisions. So let’s take a close look on how it actually works!

To start with, it’s important we understand that eyelashes have a life cycle consisting of three phases: the growth phase (anagen), the degradation phase (catagen) and the resting phase (telogen). Following the resting phase, the lash falls out and the life cycle begins again with a new lash in the growth phase. The 100% natural ingredients are combined in specific proportions to create a formula that contributes to stronger, thicker, longer and healthier eyelashes. 

Generally speaking, these ingredients work together to:

1. Enhance the growth of your thinning eyelashes at the anagen phase;
2. Support them at catagen and telogen phase so that they become less likely to break or fall out;
3. Protect them from external aggressors.

The daily growth rate of a lash is 0.12–0.14 mm. It is said that the lash length rarely exceeds 12 mm, however you never know what results to expect when using our Rumi Cosmetiques LashCare+ Serum!

If pulled out, eyelashes take seven to eight weeks to grow back and it can take even longer at a mature age, so it is advisable taking mindful and kind care of your mature eyelashes! 

Talking about caretaking, we are more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding our products at any time! Rumi Cosmetiques encourage you not to be hesitant contacting us on our social media accounts or by e-mail as we truly want you to be a part of our close circle! Sincerely feeling your struggles regarding thinning eyelashes and strongly believing in our products, our main goal is to strengthen your thinning eyelashes from within! Starting at the core by treating them with natural ingredients and an open heart. Your concerns will be vanished and your expectations – surely exceeded! Facing and embracing changes as we age! Together!


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