There is no place like home - Rumi Cosmetiques

3 Apr, 2021

There is no place like home

Whether you’re a social butterfly or much rather spend some quality time under your own roof, it’s certain that our home is our sanctuary, our safe place. Although we all might not agree on one particular definition of what “home” means to us, we can surely agree on the fact that it’s rather a feeling than a place. Considering that, it’s important we know what it consists of and are aware of the ways we can cultivate this feeling whenever there is a need.

Before all else, it’s important we figure out what’s essential. What with no doubt is vital for you to feel safe, comfortable and ready to unwind after an eventful day? Everything should be arranged considering where you spend most of your time and what holds the greatest and dearest meaning to you. Maybe you have found love for painting, but always end up doing it on the kitchen table. Understand what practical parts of your space have to be upgraded or switched places in order to make your home feel like home on a very practical level.

Then you’re ready for the next step - move over to making it personal. It may be that you’ve been living here for over 20 years. Your kids have grown up, there are several additions to the family, some events you have had to let go of and your country has probably even changed its currency. Does it all still resonate with you? Maybe something can or should be altered. What’s something you need in order to feel like it’s truly your place? Whatever it may be for you! Framed photos of your family, soap of a certain colour, rugs everywhere or a souvenir magnet collection on the refrigerator. Think of the arrangements that make the space feel like your home. Fresh flowers on the counter? A jar of your daily vitamin intake welcoming you next to the stove? Perhaps your dog’s leash hanging near the front door or the Bible resting on your coffee table. Don’t mind what others would prefer, focus on what makes your lip corners reach for your ears!

The global situation has turned our home into a one-stop shop. Now it’s a workspace, gym, doctor’s office, store, everything but the kitchen sink. As it has taken on an entirely different meaning, it’s important we stay consistent with making it a place where we feel good, at peace and inspired.

Another thing that has been impacted by the pandemic is our daily structure. You may be living in a beautiful spacious house or be renting a cozy one-bedroom apartment. Nonetheless, researchers have proved that dividing your actions and the places you perform them at is very significant for your brain to function properly. Working from home may have pushed our boundaries, of course! Yet it’s not advisable to open your laptop whilst in bed or eat, work and rest on the same couch. Try to separate! And if you don’t have a room for every activity – create some structure. This will be the side of the table I work from and this will be the one at which I enjoy my meals. I will do my morning stretching by this window and have my evening ritual tea on the balcony. You will feel more “at home” as there won’t be any conflict between different parts of your tasks and familiar routine. That way it’s also easier for your mind as well as body to know when it’s supposed to be up and running and when it’s time to unwind and therefore get ready for bedtime. You will be more productive during the day, have less trouble falling asleep, feel more energised in the morning and overall increase your satisfaction levels.   

Every day may seem the same as the day before or the one that’s yet to come. We all experience it in a very similar way, but because of this reason, it’s helpful to celebrate the special occasions and in fact make every day worth celebrating! Festivities are a great way to experience and embrace that special feeling of your home. Easter is just around the corner – a wonderful reason to tidy up and perhaps even decorate your home, get all dressed up and cook a lovely meal! Let’s always remember our family as they’re probably the ones that make us feel at home the most! Have a lovely Easter and make sure your loved ones feel loved! Home is where the heart is!