A message from our customer Adele.
6 Aug, 2021

2 days ago we received a heart-felt message from our lovely customer Adele. After we finished reading it, we realized that there are many women that can relate with what Adele had to say. Hence, we decided to share her words with all of you. Here's what she had to say:

"It meant the world to me. After menopause came along, eyebrows, which I considered the focal point of my face, literally faded."

"I'm no make-up artist, but I still need to try as my eyebrows are practically non-existent. I want bold, fuller-looking brows without looking like a barbie doll and I'm not ready to settle for less just because I'm 60!", our loyal customer Adele declares.

And we totally agree! Natural, healthier and fuller-looking eyebrows isn't something we should leave in the past just because our age has approached a new milestone. We still are willing to care for ourselves and look stunning!

Come on, so what we're getting older, we still got it! Big time!

"My niece said to me today: "Wow, you look so good! Bushy eyebrows suit you well!", Adele told us happily,

"It meant the world to me. After menopause came along, eyebrows, which I considered the focal point of my face, literally faded.

Today was also the first day I used the InstantBrow+ eyebrow pencil.

I always look for easy-to-use, practical tools that won't take me forever to apply. 3-in-1? Made for me! A few hair-like strokes with the pencil to shape my brows and I'm out the door!

I want my brows to stand out and be seen. Especially nowadays, when masks are worn almost everywhere, it's essential people can read my facial expressions and, for goodness sake, recognise me in a supermarket.

As I'm grey, I tend to go for a natural look, so a spoolie brush is a must for me.

Although choosing blonde pencil colour works perfectly, brush erases any harsh lines I drew without the specs and blends it all in. An effortless, seamless and chic look! Everything an elegant lady like me desires!


These days I appreciate my loved ones like never before!

Being able to hug my nieces and grandchildren makes me the happiest. I think especially with kids, eyebrows really do play a significant role. It's how they understand whether we're happy or not. 

I would like to consider myself a good person. I always try to give and expect less to nothing. I want to give all the love I have to my kids and younger generations and I do my best at shedding light on positivity, love and kindness.

It's funny, but I have always felt like a sparkle of light in my family. I say it's funny because the InstantBrow+ pencil precisely reflects who I am and how I want to go about my days. The secret highlighter that hides inside this dual-ended eyebrow pencil finishes the look in a second's time! 

My husband just called me cuckoo as I'm spending my Saturday midnight writing paragraphs on how much joy one damn pencil has caused me, haha. We don't need a lot to be happy, right? That's something I have been lucky to understand.

InstantBrow+ just supports the embodiment of the woman I want to be. Thank you, Rumi Cosmetiques!

Adele (a very, very happy customer)"