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14 Jun, 2021

Sleeping Beauty

Overnight Treatments for Boosting Confidence

As you have probably noticed - we love talking about the mind-body connection and vice versa. Sleep is absolutely vital when thinking of our physical and mental health as well as our well-being. How would you describe your sleep, its patterns and your associated habits?

Dr. Dinges and his colleagues have found that people whose daily sleep duration is inadequate, or repeatedly disrupted (e.g., by obstructive sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, pain or stress, or shift work or jet lag), often are not aware of their accumulating sleep deficits or the toll that these deficits can take.

“When duration of sleep drops below seven hours, and especially when it starts to move toward six and half hours or less, a number of different disorders begin to increase in prevalence,” says Dr. Dinges. 

Sleep deficits can affect one’s waking cognitive functions, including performance, working memory, cognitive speed, and accuracy. Not to mention its influence on our psychological well-being, significantly affecting our emotional and psychosocial interpretation of events and exacerbating our stress levels. How many hours of sleep have you had the last couple of days?

“Most experts would agree that there is a kind of sweet spot that most people should aim for, and for the average healthy adult that zone is ideally somewhere between 7 and 7 and a half hours. That is what the consensus evaluations of more than a thousand scientific articles have yielded—the consensus of evaluations conducted by the AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) and Sleep Research Society jointly.”

We wanted to draw your attention to your sleeping habits as it is absolutely crucial not only regarding your health, but also when talking of your confidence, self-worth and role in society. Get some sleep tonight, alright? 


“Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

Quite accurate, right? Let’s move over to the fun part of our message – overnight treatments!

Let these treatments do their overnight magic and enjoy the fruits of labor – better mood in the morning, feeling and looking more well-groomed, beautiful, boosted confidence and the feeling of self-worth! There are many very easy steps you can take in order to achieve it and we will touch a couple of them. 

Always moisturize and don’t mind the amused husband on the other side of the bed! If you are having your beauty sleep alone - a total winner in this case! Find the perfect moisturizer for your body, whether it be lotion, milk, body butter, oil or mist – moisturize your legs, focusing on knees and feet, arms, focusing on elbows and don’t forget your decollate zone, neck (always using upward motion) and face – for that you’ll probably need a separate product.

You can even put on some fuzzy socks in order to lock in the moisture and wake up with baby soft skin! You get the point! Moisturized skin will always make you look and feel more beautiful, confident, healthy and sexy! The easiest treatment of all!

Cuticle care! Do not sleep on this! Instead, rub a few drops of cuticle oil to your cuticles and put some vaseline on top. You will wake up with nourished, healthy looking nails and it will for sure make you feel better about yourself!


Hair treatments! There are so many of those – leave-in conditioners, all kinds of masks, oils, polishes and what not! It’s better to apply those before bedtime as then they’ll have plenty of time to get into your hear structure, strengthen, nourish and add more shine to your hair all while you sleep. Pay special attention to your split ends – apply a serum or generously put on some conditioner or a mask. Soft pillowcases, preferably silk, are highly recommended!

Now onto the details! They always make the most of a difference! Think of your eyelashes and eyebrows! At night your body replenishes its resources and takes care of everything that requires healing and growing.

Serums are the best for your thinning eyebrows! We have just recently launched our new addition to the Rumi family - BrowCare+ Serum made specifically for mature women with short, sparse and thinning eyebrows!

BrowCare+ Serum is a mixture of all-natural growth vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids that goes directly into the hair follicle, resulting in thicker and fuller brows.

One swipe of BrowCare+ a day before going to bed & you'll start to see noticeable results in just 28 days! The perfect overnight treatment which will surely pay off in the future! 

Give it a go and if you don't see any results we will return all your money back. 

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All the love in the world,