1 Oct, 2021

5 Tips For Staying Consistent With Your Eyelash Enhancing Serum

Aalways forget to use serum! How to stay consistent when your memory isn't?

“Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson.

Although we are here to make your life with using serum easier – it can be applied to any other habit you want to obtain.

 Consistency is what truly makes the difference between having a goal and actually reaching your desired results.


It can be easy to pile up tasks and promises that could solve some of your age-related problems, but a calendar, planner or schedule will really keep you on track.
Add mini – milestones to make it easier. Start with a week! Tick all the boxes for the first week and then commit to another. These smaller goals will make it easier and create an illusion of it being less challenging than it seemed at the beginning when you tried to commit to using serum for 2 months daily.
Write it down in your planner or use a digital reminder. We live in such an era where creating a reminder for, let’s say, 9 o’clock every day is easily done and will keep you on track automatically.
Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help – your partner, friends or family members can help you set up a reminder on your phone if needed.
For our dear ladies who prefer doing it in an old-fashioned way – stick a leaflet to your bathroom mirror so that every time you’re there, you remember about your serum and how you should apply it NOW.

Those eyelashes or eyebrows aren’t made in a minute’s time.. or are they?!
For such an action as applying serum – you need no more than a minute, wouldn’t you agree?
Let’s be completely transparent here – forgetting something that takes only 60 seconds of your time may become embarrassing overtime. And we are completely on the same page with you so consider this next tip:


You’re your own bestie, right? In order to be consistent, you’ll have to track your progress.
You can also ask a friend, family member or coworker to be your accountability partner. Have them check in once a week to see what your progress is like.
Or even better – find a lovely lady you know or online & do it together! We all want longer, thicker and healthier lashes, why not achieve these results together!
Another very important point is - don't be too hard on yourself when you don't hit the mark. What matters is that you keep working towards your goal of healthy and luscious lashes & brows and towards consistency.


If it doesn’t have a significant role in your routine, it’s hard to remember, right?
Make a conscious decision to apply your chosen serum every single day. Choose specific time for it (e.g. before bedtime) and try attaching it to something you already do daily.
Perhaps taking out your lenses or something as simple as brushing your teeth. Make it a routine that every time before/after you brush your teeth – you apply serum to your lashes, brows or both!
Make it stupid simple! Put your beautiful white tube of BrowCare+ serum right next to your toothbrush. You’ll see it when reaching for the toothbrush and will have a very literal reminder for what you have to do!


Give yourself time to see changes! Both – results from the serum and the habit of applying it! Whenever you try to establish new habits, understand that it can take time.
Instead of uprooting your life with several new practices at once, allow yourself time to figure out what works. Be realistic with what you can expect to see over time.
So perhaps start with LashCare+ serum for your eyelashes first, give it a few weeks and then add BrowCare+ serum.
It usually takes about 3 weeks of consistently doing something to make a new habit, so in case you strive for best results super fast – combine using both of Rumi Cosmetiques serums into one habit!
In case you also want to start going on walks and be more active in order for your menopause symptoms to be treated more easily - start with small rituals and build your way up.


Even though it might sound childish, it’s something that is very important & actually works!
Be it something delicious, a dedicated time to watch your favourite series or something beautiful you buy for yourself.
Treating yourself is such a wonderful way of saying “I love you!” to yourself.
Perhaps you never find time to take a good bath and have held yourself accountable for a whole week of doing daily duties + applying serum every evening.
At the end of the week, treat yourself with some hot water bath, bubbles (perhaps also in a glass) and candlelight. Now, isn’t that a win – win!

Celebrate small accomplishments and reward yourself accordingly!