15 Sep, 2021

How to save time getting ready in your 50’s and beyond
 (3 tips that actually work)

Time is the most valuable asset we have in our lives. We’re not getting any younger and why should we really?

After a recent survey we did on our social media platforms, we found out that the average time our ladies spend on getting ready in the morning is 38 minutes. Furthermore, 67% of them said that their mornings are rushed.

Now, we completely understand that we all have our days and not everyone is ready to skip any steps from their current routine, but who wouldn’t want to save a bit of time when getting ready?

Who wouldn’t want to actually get out of the house on time and with a normal heart rate instead of jogging through the corridor in hopes of finding car keys or a face mask completely last minute?

And you think we forgot about the days you just want to stay in bed for extra 10 minutes or the times when your grandchildren are visiting and someone is already sliding down the stairs on a mattress at 7 am.

So all in all, we completely understand where you’re at with this and there are probably hundreds of reasons why getting ready may take more time than we would like to expect, yet there are always something we can do about it!

Like in every aspect of our lives – whenever there’s a problem, there is always a solution. It’s just sometimes that we’re not willing to see it.

Here are some quick tips that will help you get out the door a bit sooner and perhaps surprise your husband with your brand new speed!

Imagine getting ready in half the time it usually takes you and seeing his face! Wave “are you ready yet?”, “we will be late and you’re once again the reason”, “you look beautiful, maybe no makeup today?” goodbye!

1st Tip: Early bird gets some alone time and doesn’t get irritated quickly.

If your regime allows you not to get up early or you are not planning to do so in the nearest future – skip to tip number 2.

We will be here for you when you’re ready dear!

To begin with, you can always start slow by cutting on 15 minutes of your regular wake uptime and working your way up, no need to go from 10 am to 6 am in one take!

Being an early bird creates space for you to work on yourself, read a bit, go outside or simply start getting ready a bit quicker! Less stress and more inner power.

Moreover, 69% of our ladies have reported that menopause has affected their sleep. So staying up late may also be your current normal.

Waking up earlier leads to faster accumulation of adenosine, making you feel sleepy in the evening hours.

What’s more - going to bed early improves your chances of completing all four stages of sleep through the four to six sleep cycles, making you feel well-rested and rejuvenated the next morning.Better sleeper, better waker!

2nd Tip: Prepare the night before!

Waking up early won’t save you much time if there are still millions of problems waiting to get tackled the moment you wake up.

Help yourself and do some of the things the night before!

Take your shower in the evening, wash your hair, put on a mask, moisturise, prepare yourself for the beauty sleep you are worthy of!

Showering at night is a great way to decompress and wash away the day. Some psychologists even suggest imagining all the stress, worries and hardship going down the drain.

Try choosing your clothes, shoes and accessories and laying them out so when the morning comes you can get dressed quickly. Imagine how organised, disciplined and relaxed you would feel after this tiny change in your flow of doing things.

3rd Tip: Optimize your beauty routine!

Usually we don’t have a lot of time in the morning that we could spend primping, nor do we (in some cases) have the patience for it.

We’ve got things to get done! It’s fun to spend extra time getting ready for special occasions, but those are rarely on weekdays, and usually only a few times a year.

We still want to look nice, but not spend too much time achieving it! Needless to say, there are many ladies that are willing to spend extra time getting ready and we applaud you every step of the way!

For others - a great tip is to use multipurpose products or just use fewer of them by focusing your attention on what’s really important!

For example, if we are aware of the fact that our eyes are the focal point of our face and are completely vital for non-verbal communication as well as creating connection with the people around us – there is a large chance we are willing to make them look extra nice by applying mascara to our eyelashes!

For an expressive, yet natural look - when eyelashes are already looking luscious, makeup artists suggest adding a bit of colour to your brows and simply finishing everything up with some chapstick or your go-to lipstick!

3 products and you’re good to go!

Imagine using our VolumeCare+ mascara and just filling in your brows with the InstantBrow+ 3-in-1 eyebrow pencil! Few multipurpose products and your whole look is ready in less than 5 minutes! Now, who wouldn’t want that?!

Our most popular VolumeCare+ mascara is light on your lashes and will surely save you time as it glides on like butter – no clumping, smudging or occasional panda eyes throughout the day!

As to the InstantBrow+ pencil – it offers 3 features – eyebrow pencil for filling in your brows, a small spoolie brush for taming your brows and a highlighter sponge for a seemingly lifted eyebrow.

Easy to use, takes up almost zero space in your makeup bag and treats your beautiful features with kindness.

“I have been using their mascara for 5 months and have just started testing their new eyebrow pencil and let me tell you that’s everything I have been looking for. I’m 67 and makeup just isn’t something I’m too passioned about. I just want to look my best and spend on it as little time as possible. These two are perfect! Thank you Rumi, I will be ordering the eyelash serum soon!” - Debra, our VIP customer.

Products that work perfectly together and will save you time is something you should definitely look into!

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