26 Sep, 2021

Hooded, droopy eyelids – what to do?
 (+ makeup tips)

We all know what hooded, saggy and droopy eyelids look like and although some people have hooded eyelids all their life, droopiness may occur due to getting older, cataract, glaucoma or other medical issues.

“Although I am at peace with the way aging has changed my physical appearance, I can’t say the same about my eyelids. I’m not the one to fix anything surgically, so finding ways of treating them at home has helped, at least mentally.” - Pam, 71.

Our upper eyelid is connected to a muscle that helps hold it in place and move it up and down to cover or uncover our eye. A smaller, supporting muscle helps with this process.
Additionally, a muscle under the skin of our eyebrow works to raise our eyelids from above. Weakness or damage in any or all three of these muscles or their tendons can cause our eyelid to droop. What can I do?

1. Exercise

If you’re starting to notice that your eyes are appearing more tired, or your lids seem heavy & droopy - eyelid exercises might help!
Cleansing, warming, and gently massaging your eyelids has been shown to increase circulation and nerve responses.
It also readies eyelids for an intentional workout by making muscles softer and more flexible.
Basic muscle stimulation: Sources report that direct stimulation alone may help to reduce droopiness, either through concentrated movement of the eye, or through use of a stimulating device, such as an electric toothbrush.
The mechanical pressure of the brush forces a reaction in the small muscles of the eyelid. Dedicate several minutes each day to stimulating your eyelids, even if you decide to try more than one method each time.
Resistance workout: According to the National Stroke Association, forcing your eyelids to work out every hour may improve eyelid droop.
You can work eyelid muscles by raising your eyebrows, placing a finger underneath and holding them up for several seconds at a time while trying to close them. This creates resistance similar to weight lifting. Quick, forcible blinks and eye rolls also work eyelid muscles.

2. Hydration

No, we’re not saying you should drink more water. Although, chances are – you should!
Hydrating and moisturizing skin for women in their autumn years is important considering the changes our body and skin go through after reaching a certain age as well as meeting the much talked about menopause.
Starting off with an anti-aging cream is a wonderful way to rehydrate your face while making your makeup look more natural, if you choose to wear any.
A face that’s well-hydrated radiates another kind of light and energy, wouldn’t you agree?
In case you are planning on wearing makeup, once you have used the anti-aging cream or any moisturiser of your choice, it is best to use a tinted toner to make sure that your skin tone is more even or in contrast just use a light BB cream to make you look more prepped, yet not hide the natural art your skin pigmentation has created.

3. Makeup

Among other things, hooded and droopy eyelids make doing eye makeup significantly challenging.
“I noticed that my eyelids were dropping by days after menopause came along and what really changed the situation to the better was learning how to properly apply makeup! VolumeCare+ mascara helps a lot!” says Janny, our customer since May 2021.

Some makeup tips for hooded eyes:

1. Apply eye makeup with open eyes as it’s easier to find your crease
2. Eyeshadow primer is crucial when doing hooded eye makeup for several reasons

Firstly, it helps keep your eyeshadow in place! With droopy eyelids, eyeshadow can tend to smudge or slip down.
Secondly, it helps to create a smooth surface for your eye makeup! Skin around our eyes is very thin so it tends to be more wrinkly than in other places. Creating a smooth surface is a quick technique for looking more fresh!
Moreover, us older ladies, usually have eyelids covered with freckles or spots, so using primer can brighten our eyelids and make sure that the eyeshadow we apply appears the same colour as on the palette, rather than taking on an undertone caused by our uneven skin tone.
Play around with the colour of your primer and see what works best for you! Let’s not forget that we all differ from one another in the most beautiful way!
Thirdly, if eyeshadow is put without a primer, it may stick to some parts of the eyelid and transfer under our eyes or everywhere really, leaving us with a messy and unfinished look. And that’s unfortunately not classy at all.

3. Matte eyeshadow is undoubtedly the best for hooded eyes, yet some ladies still prefer to have some shimmer going on so it’s totally up to you. Do whatever suits you best and use whatever makes you feel the prettiest!

4. It may be very beneficial to use a highlighter!

Preferably choosing a tiny brush or sponge to have more control over its placement.
InstantBrow+ eyebrow pencil has the most delicate sponge that’s easy to use and will create a subtle highlight for your brow bone.
It can also be placed in the inner corner of your eyes to make them appear wider and brighter! This way, you’ll look more awake, but be careful not to irritate your eyes.

5. Do your brows! They shape your face and take away the focus from the hood.

A brow shape that is straight across will accentuate your hooded eyes, whereas a lifted arch will automatically give the eye a more “lifted” appearance, which you can easily achieve with a pencil of our eyebrow newbie - InstantBrow+ 3-in-1 pencil.
Besides the pencil itself, the spoolie brush will allow you to tame and blend resulting in healthy & natural-looking eyebrows.

6. Choose a great volumizing mascara that’s water-resistant!

Opt for smudge-free good quality product to make everything stay in place.
Everyone’s bestie VolumeCare+ mascara will give your lashes great length, hold the curl and look absolutely luscious!

All in all, hooded and droopy eyelids for a woman over 50 are not something to be worried about! Discovering new ways of treating them as well as the appropriate makeup tips and practice, you can surely give a beautiful look to your hooded eyes!
And even if nothing seems to be making a difference, remember that you are incredibly blessed. Your inner beauty is what truly matters, everything else is just a reflection of that.

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