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Joyce Salazar
Contains Parabens

I am sad, because this looked like a great mascara that would help me with my thin eye lashes. When my package arrived and I looked at the ingredients, seeing multiple parabens in the ingredients list was incredibly disappointing. As a breast cancer survivor, I avoid all parabens in products. I won’t be reordering. Most companies in today’s market have taken parabens out of the ingredients.
Please let me know if you take out parabens, I’ll reconsider your products.

Colleen Mocarski
Love the style

My first purchase of VolumeCare+ Mascara was super. As soon as I applied it my lashes were separated, clump free and looked awesome. Curiously my subsequent purchases have had clumps and flake sometimes. A new formula?

sandra jury
Gentle and long lasting lengthy lashes!

I love this mascara. I have sensitive eyes and this does not trouble them at all. The mascara has a waxy like consistency that doesn't flake or smudge. It takes a few moments to dry but I then comb my lashes and it makes the curl set. People have actually asked if I have had lash extensions! It is also easy to remove, I use Microcellular water which is nice and gentle. This is by far my favourite mascara ever!

Melanie Tomkins

Best mascara I have ever used it is so good for my thinning lashes I totally recommend x

Martine Egan
Excellent product

Great price point, quality product, receive so many compliments on my lashes!

Sian Newland
Amazing thank you!

As my eyes are my best asset I was devastated when age stole my lashes and dimmed my face. Always a sceptic but sadly desperate I tried volume care mascara. Could weep at the transformation! Thank you! Have my eyelashes back, don't know how but don't care. So so happy, amazed and grateful

Caroline Bailey
It works

My lashes have strengthened and grown, the mascara is gentle but really effective at lengthening and conditioning my lashes, which have always been short and sparse but this mascara suits them and it lasted a good five months.

Sharon Macleod

VolumeCare+ Mascara

Gaby Seeley
My Absolute Favorite Mascara!

Rumi's VolumeCare+ Mascara is the best! I've tried so many different brands over decades, cheap to expensive, and VolumeCare+ IS THE BEST!! It lengthens and thickens the lashes immediately and lasts all day. Have recommended it to all my friends and I know they won't be disappointed!

Marie Rizzo

I received the order in dark brown I returned it The day after I received it. I was told to send a copy of the postage receipt which I did, by mail. I am now awaiting my order of two black Volume care mascara. Hopefully, I will get it soon.