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It smears

It was advertised as a product that would not smear. That isn't so.

First time used

I was going out for Brunch, so I thought, I’ll give it a try. I did and I had issues with too much mascara on the wand. I had a problem with the mascara not staying on my lashes when I first applied it which made a bit if a mess. I will try again and report back, if I get another review to fill out.


Over 65, love the look the mascara gives. No clumps, goes on easily

The mascara didn’t come off well and i ended up losing a few of my sparse lashes. I think I’ll try another brand for age related lashes.

VolumeCare+ Mascara
Mary Snyder
Love this

The only reason for a 4 star review is because it's very hard to remove.

VolumeCare+ Mascara
Vicki Kraft
Love this mascara

As I am getting older I seem to be sensitive to mascara burning my eyes and the brushes are too big and clunky. This mascara is perfect and I love the brush. Will order more

VolumeCare+ Mascara
Veronica Grimes
RUMI mascara

Finally found a mascara that doesn’t leave panda eyes, Iv bought numerous brands cheap expensive. I’m 68 very impressed .

VolumeCare+ Mascara
Carol Williams

Eye lashes have never looked so good Stays on all day and no smudges!

VolumeCare+ Mascara
Pauline Stephens
Amazing lashes

Well I was dubious at first as to whether this would be better than my usual one. I was amazed at the result on first use, it really does what it says on the tin!!! This is definitely my new forever favourite.

LashCare+ Serum
Colleen Healey

Easy to use‼️ Hope results are good.

This is the best mascara. Someone at work thought I got lash extensions. This mascara both separates and elongates. It is not a thick mascara.

This is the third one and I have lashes at 71
Very good product


Sorry to say, it doesn’t suit me. The color is too light and really doesn’t have enough “oomph”. I won’t be using it, which is a waste.

LashCare+ Serum
Betty Kimes
Lash serum

I love this lash serum. It is gentle on my lashes, and does not cause any stinging or itching

This is the first mascara that I’ve used right out of the box that is so easy to apply without making a mess like most new tubes do. I love how it lengthens while keeping lashes separated.
Had a situation in which a good, happy cry was needed and can verify that it is waterproof. Thank you, Rumi.

Rumi Volume care+ mascara is the best!

This is the last mascara product you will ever buy. Nothing else comes close. The brush, the stuff inside, the tips for applying, the ease of removal...all wonderful

VolumeCare+ Mascara
Madeleine Heath
Great mascara

I absolutely love this product. It makes my lashes look fuller and longer. No Panda eyes. Would definitely recommend.

VolumeCare+ Mascara
Alison Geldard
New lashes

From being a child I used to pull out my lashes consequently they were very poor and frail but this mascara has improved them immensely. Thank you so much xxx

Big long lashes

My spa person thought I was using special solutions they were so long. Easy to wash off

VolumeCare+ Mascara
Karen Chartier
VolumeCare Mascara

The absolute best mascara I have ever used!

VolumeCare+ Mascara
Christine Gibson
Is calling this "life changing" too much?

I'm 50 and I've never been able to wear mascara. Any time I have tried, I ended up wanting to scratch my own eyes out. I can wear this one! I can even wear it day after day. Truly amazing. It makes a noticeable difference to my lashes without looking fake or clumpy.

VolumeCare+ Mascara
Valerie Beck
Maintains the strength of my thin lashes

Every small lash is picked up individually. The effect on my thin lashes is all I could wish for.

VolumeCare+ Mascara
Joanna Baker

The volume care mascara is excellent! It is quite wet, which I like and it goes on very well. It stays in place all day with no runs under my eyes. I will definitely buy this product again!!

LashCare+ Serum
Anna-Francesca Hodson-Pressinger

Well it's a good product and after using it 5wks I can see a little difference in the length of my eyelashes so after many months more I hope alot more. The actual .mascara is not the best I've used as it takes weeks to learn the art to use it as it is gunkie to use and makes tge eye ladies go in clunk's and it dries and comes off with difficulty and then in dry bits......but if it works to lengthen then that's grest

Unfortunately I am disappointed as the eyeliner smudges and is not waterproof or even wear proof!! I have gone back to my previous eyeliner . As a 49 year old female I thought this product was going to be really useful but instead I feel it was a waste of my money

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