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Eyelash sins

Thinning Eyelashes
5 Unacceptable Sins We Commit Unknowingly That Make Our Lashes Thinner & Invisible (Super Easy To Fix)     

Let's be honest,

As we become more mature and years go by, we start to notice that our once long eyelashes are not as long and beautiful as they once were.


They become more sparse and lose their length & volume.


Sometimes our eyelashes feel so short and skimpy that it's even hard to apply our go-to mascara or lash extensions.


But there's an explanation for it!


Partly, we are not to blame ourselves...


You see, as we age and go through menopause it often results in hormonal imbalances that thin our hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.


Not to speak about different illnesses that have struck some of us and require to use medication that leaves us with no beauty hair at all...


But here you are not to be blamed.


These things are out of our own control which is exactly why our worries and focus should not be on this reason.


If anything, such processes we should highly embrace as it shows how highly experienced and wise we are!


But is there anything that we can do to prevent having our lashes thinned even more that they become non-existent?

And this is where things become very critical.


It's not a secret that by wanting to have more length and volume for our eyelashes we have turned ourselves into 'mascara junkies' or relying on expensive eyelash extensions.


We have tried almost every mascara out there (drug store and designer).


Yet, they all promise the same.


And the harsh truth is that most of the mascaras we buy end up back in our makeup drawer only used a couple of times.


After these years full of promise, we can finally say: we have heard it all!

But by doing this we actually do much bigger damage to our eyelashes than the natural processes of our body!

This brings us to the "5 Unacceptable Sins We Commit Unknowingly That Make Our Lashes Thinner & Invisible" which you can fix today!

Sin #1 Using Water-proof Mascara Daily (Don't Fall for This Marketing Trick)

While everyone is loving the idea of the smudge-proof look, the biggest mistake people make is thinking that the smudge-proof effect can only be delivered by a water-proof mascara.


Because it's so hard to remove a water-proof mascara, it often leads to your lashes being plucked out and broken when you are trying to remove the mascara.


SOLUTION: Using not water-proof but water-resistant mascara.


It's proven that water-resistant mascara not only offers our beloved smudge-proof look but also comes off easily when removing it before you go to bed!

Sin #2 Wearing Eyelash Extensions (Too Expensive & Damaging)

When we are trying to find a quick solution for our thinning eyelashes, eyelash extensions are one of the first things that mature women tend to apply daily.


While the false eyelash look might work instantly, you are even further damaging your natural eyelashes.


Your eyelashes get thinner simply due to the fact that the false eyelash glue can stick to your natural eyelashes and during removal, your eyelashes will be plucked.


P.S. We are not even considering here the fact it is extremely pricey to wear eyelash extensions daily. Not only it costs 150 to apply, but it also requires to be maintained every 3 weeks for 80.


SOLUTION:While it might seem dreamy to have dramatic eyelash look 24 hours/day, however at Rumi Cosmetiques we are against the use of eyelash extensions.

Sin #3 Going To Sleep With Our Makeup On

All of us have our dirty little secrets.


And for some of us, it is going to bed without taking off our makeup.


Yes, we might be super tired after a full working day and just want to watch some TV or head directly to sleep.


SOLUTION: If you really want to improve your eyelashes and have more length and volume, it's really important to remove our mascara and any makeup before we go and get some rest!

Sin #4 Passionately Rubbing Our Eyes Too Often (Potential Infection)

Some of us are passionate 'eye rubbers'.


And we can agree, it truly is very satisfying when you have dealt with an itchy eye.


But when rubbing our eyes, we are not being delicate with our eyes and eyelashes which can not only damage your eyelashes but also your eyes.


SOLUTION: Try to avoid rubbing your eyes (it's just a habit). However, if you really have an itch that needs to be taken care of, try to be extremely delicate with your eyes and eyelashes.

Sin #5 Not Using Mascara That is Designed For Mature Women With Thinning Lashes

The truth: we are not 23-year-old girls anymore.


And the care needed for your eyelashes is completely different than what is needed for a 23-year-old's eyelashes.


You need a mascara that is designed to be extremely eyelash-friendly and easy to remove, and which contains the necessary vitamins to help your eyelashes grow.


SOLUTION: Take care of your eyelashes by getting a mascara that not only gives you back your dramatic eyelash look but also makes your natural lashes healthier, so they go back to your old eyelash-look!

Searching for the ideal mascara for mature women with thinning eyelashes

After all, you might be wondering:


'Which then is the best mascara for mature women with thinning lashes for everyday use?'


The answer is simple: Most importantly, it must be designed specifically for mature women with thinning eyelashes.


Here are just some requirements for our 'ideal mascara':

Water-resistant, not water-proof
● With all-natural growth vitamins (such as Biotin and Peptides)
● Actually provide great length & volume
For sensitive eyes (all organic ingredients)
● Able to apply it on short and sparse eyelashes
● For every-day use
● And many more...

We tested hundreds of different mascaras (both drug store and designer) and, unfortunately, didn't find a single one that has been designed specifically for mature women with thinning lashes.

We actually were shocked.


There are thousands of different mascaras on the market, yet not a single one was designed specifically for mature women.


Because of this, the mature women always had to compromise when choosing their mascara.


At Rumi Cosmetiques, we knew that it had to be changed!


This is how the idea of our best-selling VolumeCare+ Mascara was born!


So how does VolumeCare+ Mascara differ from all the other mascaras?

Finally we can say that there is a mascara specifically designed for thinning eyelashes that actually works (ask our clients, they will confirm this).


And we couldn’t be happier to say that it’s our best-selling VolumeCare+ Mascara!


Every single little detail, starting from the brush and ending with the formula, have been carefully chosen to offer mature women with thinning eyelashes the best results possible.


For the first time, VolumeCare+ Mascara not only gives you the dramatic lash look instantly but also takes delicate care of your natural mature eyelashes.


Not to mention, it's 100% vegan, cruelty-free and made out of all-natural ingredients.


The time of empty promises is over!


If VolumeCare+ Mascara doesn’t work, there’s a money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry. And if you’re anything like most of Rumi Cosmetiques customers, you will consider it the best money you’ve ever spent.


You've tried hundreds of mascaras that only promised and didn't deliver. Try something that is made exactly for you!


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