Black Friday : This Year Early!

This is going to be the biggest sale of the year at Rumi Cosmetiques: you certainly don't want to miss it!

You might be wondering: how big will the sale be?

Well, it depends on you. The more you spend, the more you save!

We will be offering 3 discount levels:

- 20% OFF for orders above 50 USD (approx. 38 GBP / 69 AUD)

- 25% OFF for orders above 100 USD (approx. 76 GBP / 138 AUD)

- 30% OFF for orders above 200 USD (approx. 152 GBP / 276 AUD)

We can honestly say this will be the best time to stock up on your favourite products while getting some holiday gifts for your loved ones.

Here are 2 reasons why you should sign up:

1. Still being a new company, our inventory is limited. Therefore, there is a possibility we sell out.

2. Everyone who sign up will get a head start over anyone who didn't.

To not miss out, we highly encourage you to enter your email below to be the first to get notified when the Early Black Friday Sale Starts.

Happy shopping!