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How Lash Duo Set Inspires Women Over 50 To Be The Best Version Of Themselves

Join thousands of women that transformed the way their eyelashes look and continue to prove day in, day out that they still got it even in their 50s, 60s, 70s & beyond!   

It all starts from within, but an extra push can go a long way

Yes, it's true that self-love and confidence comes from loving yourself just as you are.

But it doesn't mean that we shouldn't take care of ourselves when it comes to our appearance.

And small things like improving how our eyelashes look can kickstart a never-ending journey of bettering ourselves every day.

Gorgeous eyelashes can make a massive difference in the way you feel

Imaging waking up in the morning, going to bathroom and seeing yourself in mirror with long and beautiful eyelashes.
Your eyes are popping, you look more feminine, your confidence is sky-rocketing.
Your day starts so much better.
Some mornings you even decide to not put on any mascara because your eyelashes are looking so gorgeous in their natural way.
This is the result you can expect after using Lash Duo Set for just as little as 2 weeks. 

Start by embracing who you are & adjust your approach accordingly

For some it may be hard to swallow the fact that we are not girls in our twenties anymore.
And we can't start to improve ourselves if we don't accept this fact.
When we do, we can finally start to look for things that we & our bodies need.
You see, the care needed for your eyelashes is completely different than what is needed for a 23-year-old's eyelashes.
You need eyelash products that are designed specifically for women over 50 with thinning eyelashes.

Your eyelashes need growth vitamins, not just a mascara

Just a mascara isn't enough to have long, beautiful eyelashes after 50.
Even more, your regular mascara won't nourish your lashes and can actually be damaging to them.
Our body can't grow and sustain long & thick eyelashes by itself anymore.
It needs all the help it can get.

You need to supply your eyelashes with the right ingredients to nourish them and allow them to thrive again!

What really is Lash Duo Set and why it works so great

Lash Duo Set consists of two products: VolumeCare+ Mascara and LashCare+ Serum.

Both of these products are loaded with active ingredients that make sure your eyelashes get conditioned and nourished every time you apply anything to them.

Apply VolumeCare+ Mascara in the morning for the classy, feminine look throughout the day, LashCare+ Serum before going to bed & your eyelashes will be golden!

Each order goes towards helping mature women in need

At Rumi Cosmetiques, we're not here to only create cosmetics & skincare products for women over 50 that actually work.
We're here to listen, support, and help women to overcome the countless struggles thrown our way.
Each order goes towards helping women fight cancer, research menopause & lift up those that are affected by Alzheimer's disease.

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Healthier & longer eyelashes are just a few clicks away!


"Since using the serum and mascara, my lashes have grown longer and thicker. I've tried a variety of serums and until now, haven't been impressed. I totally recommend the Rumi products. They are everything they advertise as being!"
Barbara - ★★★★★

I haven’t been able to wear mascara or use a lash serum for several years due to an eye condition called blepharitis. I’ve been wearing strip lashes for a few years which caused my already thinning lashes to thin more. I read about the Rumi products & thought I’d try them in hopes I could use the mascara or serum. I’ve thankfully been able to use both! My lashes have actually grown & neither the serum or mascara irritate my eyes. I’ve tried others brands over the years but my eyes couldn’t tolerate them. I just ordered my 2nd tube of both the mascara & serum because they’re working. I highly recommend giving both of these products a try. I’ve had great results. I’m no longer wearing strip lashes & still cannot believe these are my natural lashes!
Dana - ★★★★★