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Linda Wale
Does what it says!

I’ve been using these products since 2020 and my eyelashes are the best they’ve been in years. They really work.

Rumi Lash Care

Love this! This is the first serum I’ve tried that hasn’t bothered my eyes. The serum is working! My eyelashes have grown!! Love the serum and mascara!

Nancy Orth

Lash Duo Set

Lyn Thomas
Eyelash serum 👍

I have been using the eyelash serum for decal months and have been very happy with the results. I am in my late 70’s and my lashes have gotten so much longer. Highly recommend it.

Sara Luff
Love this Product!

This is a repeat purchase for me. It's the best mascara I've ever used - I've even had people comment on how great my eyelashes are. But they weren't before I started using the serum. My eyelashes were sparse after chemotherapy, and this serum has been fantastic and built them up again. The mascara then makes them look fantastic. Would definitely recommend.

Ruth Bennett
Lash Duo

I can honestly say that this is the best mascara and serum I have ever used. I already have quite long lashes but they have thickened up and are much silkier than they were. For any one still thinking about buying this product I would say just get on and buy it you won’t regret it. x

Rena Crispin
Great deal but you gotta time it right

It’s nice to get the lash duo deal. I love the products. My biggest concern is in making sure I use both components up at the same rate so I don’t end up with too much of one.

Dani Bernard

Didn’t know there was such products! The serum A* and the mascara is oerfect

Deborah Wuller
Eyelash serum

I don’t like having to apply it one hour before bedtime as it doesn’t work with my nighttime routine. I am not using it at all. The mascara is fine.

Elizabeth Utter

When I remove the mascara it looks like some of my lashes come off to, or is this just product?