How To Win The Battle Of Thinning Eyelashes After 50

89% Of Women Over 50 Deal With Thinning Eyelashes. What the remaining 11% does to have beautiful, long & voluminous eyelashes in their 50s, 60s, 70s & beyond?

Let's Be Completely Honest:

As we become more mature and years go by, we start to notice that our once long eyelashes are not as long and beautiful as they once were.

They become more sparse and lose their length & volume.

Sometimes our eyelashes feel so short and skimpy that we even start to give up on them: without a mascara we can't even see them, but with a mascara on they look fake & clumpy.

But there's an explanation for it!

Partly, we are not to blame ourselves...

You see, as we age, there are countless of things that make having a beautiful eyelashes an uphill battle:

  • Menopause
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Numerous Medical Issues
  • Stress
  • Eye Sensitivity
  • ...

The list can go on & on. But should we really continue? We all know this to be a fact.

The worst thing? If we don't do anything to fight against these issues, most likely they will leave us with no beauty hair at all...

Here's What We Get Totally Wrong

Thinning eyelashes can be a haunting problem.

It's not a secret that by wanting to have more length and volume for our eyelashes we have turned ourselves into 'mascara junkies' or relying on expensive eyelash extensions.

Desperately, we have tried almost every mascara out there (drug store and designer).

Yet, they all promise the same, and, sadly, the result is always the same: we anxiously open the tube, put it on our eyelashes expecting some miracle and, again, feeling discouraged by the look we see in our mirror.

The harsh truth is that most of the mascaras we buy end up back in our makeup drawer only used a couple of times.

After these years full of promise, we can finally say: we have heard it all!

But all of this leads to a much bigger issue:

By mindlessly buying anything that promise beautiful and long eyelashes (with showing their product on 25-year-old models), you have tried products that essentially are the same only with different names from different brands.

The real answer: you really have tried products for the younger generation, not something that can actually help with thinning eyelashes to make them beautiful again.

You see, younger ladies don't have the issues that you have with thinning eyelashes.

They are not going through menopause, they don't have any hormonal imbalances, no medical issues, not as sensitive eyes as you have, nothing.

So how can you expect the same result if you're so much different from them?

How It Feels To Have Gorgeous, Voluminous Eyelashes After 50

Imaging waking up in the morning, going to bathroom and seeing yourself in mirror with long and beautiful eyelashes.

Your eyes are popping, you look more feminine, your confidence is sky-rocketing.

Your day starts so much better.

Some mornings you even decide to not put on any mascara because your eyelashes are looking so gorgeous in their natural way.

Your husband miraculously notices your new look and says: "You look beautiful. You seem to be glowing. What's different?"

Or your daughter and her friends asking if those really are your real eyelashes?

All of this might sound like a dream but for some women over 50 this is actually their reality.

You might be wondering:

What are they doing differently?

What is their secret?

What can I do to get the same classy, natural, "A-List Celebrity" look?

The Secret To Beating Thinning Eyelashes: Why "Just a Mascara" Isn't Enough Anymore?

Yes, some of those women are blessed by having long eyelashes their whole life. It's just the way it is. But that is one of those 'one in a million' scenarios.

Yet there are countless of women that used to have sparse and thin eyelashes, but somehow managed to turn the whole situation around.

How did they do it?

You see, the difference lies in the things that they seem to understand.

They understand that just a mascara isn't enough to have long, beautiful eyelashes after 50. Even more, your regular mascara won't nourish your lashes and can actually be damaging to them.

They understand that our body can't grow and sustain long & thick eyelashes by itself anymore. It needs all the help it can get.

They understand that there is something else that supports long & thick eyelashes for years to come.

They understand that they need to supply their eyelashes with the right ingredients to fight thinning eyelashes.

So what are these ingredients?

What are the products that contain them that I can start to use and finally see results?

The Magic Ingredients That Thinning Eyelashes Crave For

So you might be wondering: what are these magic, active ingredients that make the biggest difference?

You see, there are many vitamins that strengthen and improve the condition of your eyelashes. Some examples of these are Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin C.

While we suggest to have a proper supplement intake, we don't see how it could make a major difference to your eyelashes.

But when you are looking to speed up and maximize the potential of your eyelashes as soon as possible, there are just a couple of active ingredients that do the work much better than the rest.

To make the biggest transformation, the ingredients you should be looking to apply to your eyelashes are:

- Biotin

- Peptides

- Hyaluronic Acid

- Panthenol

While each of these super ingredients have properties that promote longer looking eyelashes, they work the best when they are all used together.

By interacting with each other, they:

- Provide the necessary boost of vitamins your eyelashes need to restart the growing process with visible results in just 2 weeks.

- Stimulate your keratin genes, produce more keratin, the super important structural protein in eyelashes. This makes your eyelashes fuller & stronger-looking.

- Make sure your eyelashes won't fall out too quickly & makes your eyelashes look more voluminous.

- and so much more!

And we're not joking: if you make this one switch & start applying these ingredients to your eyelashes daily, the transformation to longer & fuller-looking eyelashes is inevitable!

So if there's one thing you will take away from this article, then make sure it's the following sentence:The only thing that will make your natural eyelashes appear fuller & more voluminous are the active ingredients when you apply them daily.

But you might be wondering: it all sounds so great, but where can I get these ingredients?

In what products can I find them?

Well, then it's time for you to get familiar with Rumi Cosmetiques' Lash Duo Set which was made specifically for mature women with thinning eyelashes.

Thousands of women have incorporated Lash Duo Set in their lives and report longer, fuller & healthier-looking eyelashes in just as little as 2 weeks!

So what is it? And why does it work so well?

The Only Routine You'll Ever Need To Stop Worrying About Thinning Eyelashes

Lash Duo Set is different from anything you've tried before.

The main reason? Because nothing really has been specifically made for thinning eyelashes.

Lash Duo Set checks every box when it comes to thinning eyelashes.

It contains the perfect blend of biotins, peptides and amino acids to improve the appearance of your eyelashes.

It's designed for even the most sensitive eyes.

Every small detail was chosen to perfectly match the problems and needs of mature eyes & thinning eyelashes.

Lash Duo Set really is the one-stop, all-in-one solution your thinning eyelashes need to thrive again!

So what does it consist of?

Lash Duo Set consists of VolumeCare+ Mascara & LashCare+ Serum.

Both of them are loaded with active ingredients that make sure your eyelashes get conditioned and nourished every time you apply anything to them.

But it doesn't end there.

Not only VolumeCare+ Mascara has the active ingredients that improve the look of your eyelashes but it also will be the best mascara you've tried.

It doesn't clump, flake nor smear.

It's super easy to use and takes seconds to apply on even the most sensitive eyes.

It's long-lasting, silky-smooth formula will withstand rain, sweat & tears while still will be easy to remove at night to not damage your eyelashes.

And it actually feels great putting it on your eyelashes knowing that you're treating your eyelashes like they should be: with care & love!

But when it comes to improving the appearance of your natural eyelashes over time, LashCare+ Serum with its powerful amino blend will do the heavy lifting every night.

Order your Lash Set Duo today & notice longer, fuller & healthier-looking eyelashes in just as little as 2 weeks!

Apply VolumeCare+ Mascara in the morning for the classy, feminine look throughout the day, LashCare+ Serum before going to bed & your eyelashes will be golden!

Now it's time for you to be the one that people see and wonder what's your secret to have such beautiful & gorgeous eyelashes!

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You Got All The Necessary Tools To Get Beautiful & Voluminous Eyelashes. What Will You Do?

Finally, you know the way to win the battle of thinning eyelashes.

You know the secret to gorgeous eyelashes after 50.

It's something you've never tried before.

Yet you've tried hundreds of eyelash products like mascaras that didn't work.

Why not give just one last try to Lash Duo Set and finally see your eyelashes thrive again?

Best part? It's 100% Risk Free. The Lash Duo Set comes with Satisfaction Guarantee that states that you will get 100% of your hard-earned money back if you're not in love with it.

You have nothing to lose, just gorgeous eyelashes to gain!

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