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Being Desperate Can Sometimes Make Us Do Silly, Self-Destructive Things...

There was a time in my life when I had these long, voluminous eyelashes.

I remember vividly, how I stand in front of the mirror each morning, cappuccino on the bathroom sink countertop, doing my simple yet effective make-up routine, always finished with a few gentle coats of mascara. 

It made my eyes pop wonderfully, felt nice and always got me ready to go. 

To be honest I’ve never really given up on wearing mascara. I still have like 6 or 7 bottles opened in my drawer. 

It’s just not the same anymore. 

You see, I’m 59 years old and my lashes have gotten very thin and sparse.

Nothing compared to what they were 20 years ago. Or even 5 years ago. 

After menopause, my estrogen levels dropped and my hair started growing much slower than before. 

My eyes have also become more sensitive to any products that I apply.

Even the very expensive mascaras have caused itching and irritation. 

I don't know why, but I kept on looking for a solution.

Maybe it was because I loved my make-up ritual so much and did not want to give up on wearing mascara. 

Maybe I was too ashamed of my pitiful, almost non-existent lashes that I had to find a fix one way or another. 

Below is a picture of my lashes in August 2021. 

Here are the three biggest mistakes I made by trying to make my lashes longer. 

1. Using Waterproof Mascara To Lengthen My Short Lashes

I had been using waterproof mascara for years, because I liked going to yoga classes during lunch hour a couple of times a week.

It always stayed on and I didn't have to re-apply make-up.

It also withstands rain and my menopausal sweats. 

What I realised just recently is that during the removal I was plucking and breaking my own lashes.

The liquid for these mascaras is way too strong for my weak eyelashes. 

I have now switched to water-resistant mascara, which has a much friendlier removal process. 

2. Switching To Falsies

I was left with such sparse eyelashes that out of desperation I ordered falsies, that you just clip right on your eyelid. 

Well that didn't go too smoothly either. 

I did get an instant, dramatic look in a matter of a couple of minutes, but after the first time taking them off I definitely damaged my own natural lashes. 

I looked made-up and did not feel natural at all. I threw them in the bin. 

3. Not Starting To Use An Eyelash Serum Earlier

I do say this with a bit of regret, because if I had started using an eyelash serum earlier, I would have made progress a lot quicker and not lost my eyelashes along the way. 

It's absolutely unbelievable what it has done to my lashes!

I thought that this could only be possible with extensions. 

I was sceptical before I ordered of course, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that I had just spent twice as much for the extensions and getting my lashes back was definitely worth at least 10 times more to me. 

Oh boy, how wrong was I.

After just three weeks of using the LashCare+ Serum I noticed a massive difference.

My eyelashes were restored from the damages I had done, plus there was more length and thickness than before. 

And Thank God there was no irritation or itching in my sensitive eyes. 

It feels amazing to apply a 100% natural and vegan product to my lashes, and it is super simple to use.

Just one swipe along the lash line before going to bed each night. 

LashCare+ Serum has given me confidence in my lashes again.

I wake up in the morning and smile to myself, because I'm owning my natural eyelashes and they look fabulous. 

And let me tell you how great it feels, when someone asks if I'm wearing extensions (lol).

Nope! These are mine 100%! 

Not only do my lashes seem fuller and thicker, but the active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and biotin make them feel healthier

I encourage everyone with a similar story than mine to try this thing out.

If it worked on me, it can definitely work for you too!

And in case you don't like it - they have a money back guarantee, which puts you in a place of zero risk.

Gain back your beautiful lashes!

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