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3 Makeup Tips For Droopy Eyelids and hooded eyes

Step-By-Step Instructions for ways to update Your Beauty Regime And Enhance Your Ageing Eyes

few years ago, I looked in the mirror and realised I now have droopy eyelids & hooded eyes. I had other problems I noticed as well of course, but so far the only sign of ageing that REALLY bothered me was my sagging brow area. My eyelids had a creepy texture and there were freckles appearing on them...not to mention the extreme sensitivity around eye area." 

As we age, our eyes can become hooded, where the skin of our brows becomes heavy and droops over our eyelids, covering our eyelids partially, or in some cases fully. 

This makes us look tired and can add an extra 5 to 10 years to our appearance. 

Is there something that can help us feel a bit more confident in ageing gracefully? 

Well, first and foremost, you need to learn some new tricks on how to do your makeup after 50. The routine you've developed over the years is clearly not working any longer.

Here are 3 makeup tips, that will lift your eyes and reduce the appearance of droopy eyelids.

Lengthen Your Eyelashes To Open Up Your Eyes

The best and easiest way to open up your ageing eyes is by focusing on your eyelashes. The better your lashes look, the less your droopy eyelids will be visible. 

Haven't found the perfect mascara? No surprise! 

Ageing and menopause often results in hormonal imbalances that thin our hair, brows and lashes.

The mascara needed for your thinning eyelashes is completely different than what is needed for a 23-year-old's eyelashes.

To combat droopy eyes, you need a mascara that is designed specifically for thin and sparse lashes.

Give Your Eyebrows Some Attention

The shape of your hooded eyes puts your brows in the spotlight, so it's important to make them bolder, thicker and more defined. 

It's best to use a pencil that colour-matches your natural brow hair and offers instant & defined eyebrow look. 

Dabbing a bit of highlighter underneath the brow is very helpful to emphasise the brow bone. 

That will give you a well-needed eye lift and also draw focus away from your sagging eyelids. 

Don't Rely Just On Makeup Products 

Reducing the appearance of droopy eyelids and hooded eyes is all about lifting and opening your eyes.

The best way to do that is by making your natural eyelashes and eyebrows stronger, healthier and longer.

Because it's getting harder for your ageing body to grow and sustain long & thick beauty hair by itself - it needs all the help it can get. 

By incorporating lash & brow enhancing serums to your daily routine you will grow your lashes and brows longer& thicker + reverse the ageing process.

Thousands Of Women Have Left Droopy Eyelids In The Dust After Trying The Complete Lash & Brow Set from Rumi Cosmetiques

Rumi Cosmetiques is a family-run business that focuses on making products for women over 50.

Driving passion behind the brand is to create clean beauty products that elegantly highlight the femininity that comes with age. 

Each product is tailored specifically by taking in consideration things like thinning eyelashes, droopy eyelids, menopausal sweats and various other issues that are neglected by the vast majority of the beauty industry. 

All products come with 100% money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to loose. 

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