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22 Feb, 2021

How Caring For Your Eyelashes Will Help Your Well-Being?

At the time we are in, our well-being is truly of vital importance. Of course, it has always been that way and it always will. Yet now we all experience a global emphasis placed on not only one’s physical, but also one’s mental and emotional health. The way we treat ourselves daily moves over to the way we feel and results in the way we live. Good news is that we are the ones in control and the ones possible of real change.

You have probably heard something along the lines of: “One step at a time!”, “Slowly, but surely”, “Little by little” and such for dozens of times and by now are possibly quite fed up. We get you, totally! However, this time we’ll break it down for you as real as it gets and with conviction convey the imposing and noble message that stands behind it. Let’s get to the point. Small daily improvements lead to immense results when done consistently. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get healthier, happier, build an empire, get to love your grey hair or fall in love with your thinning eyelashes. Action is what will keep you moving!

It is much easier to love yourself more if you start off every day by having a quiet moment for yourself and counting your blessings. Whether that's making some tea or coffee, reading for a few minutes or just opening a window to grasp the morning glory. These low-impact actions help you focus on your inner self, stay grounded, build higher self-esteem and get you into routine. They will help make larger changes easier to manage, leading to a better chance of success in the long-run.

Changing anything to do with your daily habits, health and well-being can be stressful, especially if you’re trying to juggle everything at once. You may be able to stick to a big change at the start – such as getting ready every morning, doing your whole make-up routine and ironing your outfit – but this can soon take its toll and leave you feeling mentally and physically exhausted. And the more stressed and exhausted you become, the greater chance there is of you giving up on your initial intention of getting ready every morning. Also, who wants to see their loved one tired and mad?!

Nowadays, when we are forced to spend the majority of our time at home and considering we all have completely different situations, it can get a little less productive and enjoyable. We are thrown off our weekly meetings with friends and family, travelling and just our usual normal. That’s exactly the reason why it’s very important to make the tiniest steps towards any accomplishments, even if that’s only getting dressed and making it to the nearest grocery store, do it for the sake of moving.

Small changes will do less at impacting your lifestyle and routine (you are lucky if you have one nowadays), therefore will be easier to maintain. If you want to make yourself look presentable every morning, start by just putting on a little bit of mascara. It’s the easiest step, but will make you feel better about yourself and serve as a stepping stone to completing many tasks. Try that for a week or two and then add using eyelash serum at night. It will nourish your lashes, make them thicker, longer and make you even more willing to get out of bed in the morning! Again, one coat of mascara and another day of feeling good and productive can begin!

Many empirical studies have shown that by doing small acts of caring for yourself and your beauty (e.g. applying mascara), you actually are boosting your self-esteem and predicting less symptoms of depression! Some researchers even suggest doing these small acts of kindness towards ourselves on the days we completely don't feel like doing so in order to trick our minds into feeling better and more content. Applying a small coat of mascara will take you seconds, but the impact it will have on your well-being is actually unbelievable. A mascara that will have you moving towards a healthier body image and higher quality of life?

See what you can do with VolumeCare+ that's designed specifically for mature women with thinning eyelashes! It not only instantly gives more volume to even the thinnest and sparsest eyelashes, but also makes your natural eyelashes grow over time. It’s suitable for sensitive eyes, won’t clump, smear, nor flake, as we know it is something our dear silver ladies find super important. Let’s face and embrace the changes as we age and let’s do it together!


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